Sunday, June 8, 2008

Robin & Marc

Robin and Marc's wedding day was the first sunny day of our wedding season... it was also, by far, the steamiest! They celebrated their day at Migis Lodge in Casco, ME along Sebago Lake. Migis is nestled in among countless tall pine trees and it makes for a truly spectacular setting for any couple's wedding festivities! It's one of our favorite spots in Maine.

Robin is by far, one of the calmest brides we've ever seen! She was just finishing up some last minute preparations when we arrived. She was well equipped with all the traditional items - including her baby bracelet (you can see above) as her something old.

Robin arrived to the ceremony site by boat. It was lucky the lake was calm - her dad gets sea-sick very easily! As we pulled alongside the dock, we took one pass by all the guests seated and ready for the wedding procession to begin. As you can see, it was very bright - and, whew!! was it hot in the sun!

After a 10 year courtship, Robin and Marc celebrated their vows surrounded by many wonderful friends and family. It was a small wedding party, consisting of their siblings and a childhood friend of Marc's officiated the ceremony. There were many personal touches throughout - from a Shel Silverstein poem to a wonderful tribute made by their friend, and officiant.

After the ceremony, we captured a few formals of the couple and their family in the shade - boy, did that feel good! The crew at Migis brought around some champagne and passed appetizers to everyone in between pics. As soon as we finished with the family photos, we had a few minutes with the bride and groom before they headed back to the reception fun.

At the couple's request, Robin's mom sang a song as the cocktail hour ended. She has a beautiful voice and it was such a wonderful expression of her love and joy for both Robin and Marc! We captured a group photo immediately after of everyone present at their celebration. Hopefully, it will be a picture they look back on often and remember their wedding and all the people who were there to share in the day.

Congratulations, Robin and Marc! We wish you all the best for a long and happy life together!

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