Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nellie & Craig

The summer solstice welcomed not only the first day of summer, but, also the wedding of Nellie and Craig. We were so excited when these two asked us to photograph their celebration. They are so sweet and easy-going, and, when they mentioned there would be fiddlers and barn dancing - we couldn't wait for the day to arrive!!! It was one of the most romantic settings for a wedding we've ever experienced.

The day started for us arriving at the Inn at Round Pond where Nellie was surrounded by several friends just relaxing on the lawn of the inn. Craig was at a campground nearby spending some last-minute time with friends, as well. Once preparations were underway, Tige captured Craig getting suited up at Nellie's aunt house; and, I stayed with the ladies and enjoyed the fun of activity at the inn.

As Nellie finished up with some final touches to her hair, Craig was arriving at the barn for the ceremony.

The couple processed through the open doors at one end of the barn to the other side where their family and friends were seated waiting to catch their first glimpse of the groom and his bride. Craig processed with his parents on each side with Nellie and her parents to follow. This is where the magic of the day really unfolded!

After the ceremony we spent some time taking a few family formals and pictures of Nellie and Craig enjoying some quiet time together. Once dinner was complete, the couple and their guests all filled into the barn for some lively dancing. The musicians consisted of a fiddling group who performed some old-time country dance music. After some direction from the musicians, everyone was out on the dance floor enjoying the old style melodies and line dancing!

I almost forgot one of my favorite details of the entire day.... Nellie's shoes! These are the greatest pair of dancing/wedding shoes I've seen yet!

The evening drew to a close slowly after the sun set with dozens of fireflies lighting up the evening around the barn and wedding tent. It was a beautiful, old-style country wedding celebration and we're so fortunate to have been a part of it.

Congratulations you two!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Faith & Tim

Saturday, June 14th, after a 2 year engagement, Faith and Tim were married at the Eastland Park Hotel in Portland. It was the perfect day - 75 degrees, no humidity and nothing but blue sky!

They weren't quite ready for us when we arrived, so, we captured a few details of the ceremony set up. The flowers were beautiful and the smell filled the entire ballroom! I have to say, the cake topper Faith and Tim chose was adorable and completely suited their playful personalities!

The couple opted to see eachother before the ceremony to take some formals and make the flow of their day a little less hectic. Tim wanted his first glimpse of Faith to be in Deering Oaks Park on the stone bridge. Faith anxiously (and very nervously) awaited Tim's arrival to the park. We were able to capture the first moments as Tim walked up the bridge to greet his bride. It was very emotional and very sweet.

When we were through with the formals, it was back to the Eastland for their ceremony. Faith and Tim celebrated their vows before an intimate gathering of their family and close friends. Faith's maid-of-honor flew in from South Africa to celebrate this special day with them!

After the ceremony, the couple relaxed in the balcony with their wedding party... enjoying a small buffet of appetizers and cocktails.
We were able to steal a few moments with them on the roof of the Eastland, before Faith and Tim joined their guests back in the ballroom for dinner and dancing.
And, cake!!! We can't forget the cake! :) Aside from the traditional wedding cake, there was also a groom's cake complete with the Boston Red Sox emblem.

Of course, no reception is complete at the Eastland without their trademark Flambe!

The entire day was a wonderful celebration of a very sweet couple! We hope you both enjoy a relaxing few days before you head out on your honeymoon!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Robin & Marc

Robin and Marc's wedding day was the first sunny day of our wedding season... it was also, by far, the steamiest! They celebrated their day at Migis Lodge in Casco, ME along Sebago Lake. Migis is nestled in among countless tall pine trees and it makes for a truly spectacular setting for any couple's wedding festivities! It's one of our favorite spots in Maine.

Robin is by far, one of the calmest brides we've ever seen! She was just finishing up some last minute preparations when we arrived. She was well equipped with all the traditional items - including her baby bracelet (you can see above) as her something old.

Robin arrived to the ceremony site by boat. It was lucky the lake was calm - her dad gets sea-sick very easily! As we pulled alongside the dock, we took one pass by all the guests seated and ready for the wedding procession to begin. As you can see, it was very bright - and, whew!! was it hot in the sun!

After a 10 year courtship, Robin and Marc celebrated their vows surrounded by many wonderful friends and family. It was a small wedding party, consisting of their siblings and a childhood friend of Marc's officiated the ceremony. There were many personal touches throughout - from a Shel Silverstein poem to a wonderful tribute made by their friend, and officiant.

After the ceremony, we captured a few formals of the couple and their family in the shade - boy, did that feel good! The crew at Migis brought around some champagne and passed appetizers to everyone in between pics. As soon as we finished with the family photos, we had a few minutes with the bride and groom before they headed back to the reception fun.

At the couple's request, Robin's mom sang a song as the cocktail hour ended. She has a beautiful voice and it was such a wonderful expression of her love and joy for both Robin and Marc! We captured a group photo immediately after of everyone present at their celebration. Hopefully, it will be a picture they look back on often and remember their wedding and all the people who were there to share in the day.

Congratulations, Robin and Marc! We wish you all the best for a long and happy life together!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Crystal & James

Congratulations Crystal and James!! We had such a fun time photographing this wedding and hearing all about the planning - and, romantic significance of the ceremony location. As a bride, I can't imagine a more difficult challenge to planning a wedding than being deployed at sea in the Bering Strait!
The only piece of the day Crystal was logistically able to work out was getting a wedding gown. She posted a request on the local Coast Guard board and after many responses, found a mother of three to custom make her wedding dress - it was so simple and beautiful!
James, his sister and his mother did a beautiful job of pulling together all the wedding day arrangements. A family friend made delicious home-made chocolate turtle candies for the reception, James' sister made the wedding cake (from scratch!) and their officiant traveled from Connecticut to marry them. It was obvious Crystal and James have many people in their lives who love and support them.

Surrounded by a small gathering of close family and friends, Crystal and James were married among the flower gardens and lush foliage along the Falmouth coast. They celebrated their vows in the same spot James' parents were married 25 years ago. Crystal and James have a wonderful honeymoon week planned in Camden, ME before they head back to Kodiak, Alaska where they'll be stationed. Crystal is due back at sea in two weeks for another deployment. We wish you both all the best for a wonderful life together!