Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nellie & Craig

The summer solstice welcomed not only the first day of summer, but, also the wedding of Nellie and Craig. We were so excited when these two asked us to photograph their celebration. They are so sweet and easy-going, and, when they mentioned there would be fiddlers and barn dancing - we couldn't wait for the day to arrive!!! It was one of the most romantic settings for a wedding we've ever experienced.

The day started for us arriving at the Inn at Round Pond where Nellie was surrounded by several friends just relaxing on the lawn of the inn. Craig was at a campground nearby spending some last-minute time with friends, as well. Once preparations were underway, Tige captured Craig getting suited up at Nellie's aunt house; and, I stayed with the ladies and enjoyed the fun of activity at the inn.

As Nellie finished up with some final touches to her hair, Craig was arriving at the barn for the ceremony.

The couple processed through the open doors at one end of the barn to the other side where their family and friends were seated waiting to catch their first glimpse of the groom and his bride. Craig processed with his parents on each side with Nellie and her parents to follow. This is where the magic of the day really unfolded!

After the ceremony we spent some time taking a few family formals and pictures of Nellie and Craig enjoying some quiet time together. Once dinner was complete, the couple and their guests all filled into the barn for some lively dancing. The musicians consisted of a fiddling group who performed some old-time country dance music. After some direction from the musicians, everyone was out on the dance floor enjoying the old style melodies and line dancing!

I almost forgot one of my favorite details of the entire day.... Nellie's shoes! These are the greatest pair of dancing/wedding shoes I've seen yet!

The evening drew to a close slowly after the sun set with dozens of fireflies lighting up the evening around the barn and wedding tent. It was a beautiful, old-style country wedding celebration and we're so fortunate to have been a part of it.

Congratulations you two!!


Kay said...

To Craig and Nellie: These photos and words are beautiful. My heart fills up all over again every time I look at the page. This was the sweetest and most fun wedding I have every attended. Great planning you two! I am so proud and happy to have you wonderful and joyful people in my life. Love you both! From: Mama Kay

Samantha Warren Weddings said...

I love this wedding. What great images. The one in the field is breathtaking. It looks like such a fun day, and you have to love a bride who isn't afraid to get a little sassy with her shoes!