Monday, March 25, 2013

Maine Maple Sunday!

Early Spring always holds special memories for me.  The first few weeks of Spring, when the weather starts to get milder during the day and the nights are still a bit crisp, bring me right back to my childhood in Vermont.  As long as I lived there, sugaring played some role in activities for part of those early weeks.  We tapped our trees and helped boil down the sap... it was such a long process (seemingly never ending when you're a child!), but, SO worth the reward!  There is nothing better than having that first taste right when it's done.  It is true perfection.  I miss the days of seeing so many active sugar shacks and knowing that I was welcome to stop at any of them during the sugaring season.  There was always someone inside, eager for some company - and, happy to share a sip of the latest batch - while it was still warm.  Now that we live in Maine, it's become a mission of ours to partake in the Maine Maple Sunday traditions.  It's so great to see the lines of people out supporting these local farmers and sugar houses!  I will always be partial to VT maple syrup (it is the best flavor, hands down), but, I love to enjoy any celebration that includes this tasty, delectable bit of heaven... no matter where it's made!

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