Monday, August 15, 2011

Andrea & Anthony

Andrea & Anthony planned one of the most beautiful, romantic weddings we've had the honor to photograph.  The Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport played host to their vintage themed celebration on Friday, August 12th.  It was such a unique and intimate wedding, filled with lots of personal touches.  They crafted, painted or arranged almost every single detail.  The only hiccup in the works was when the antique car they hired broke down while transporting Andrea and her bridesmaids to the ceremony... as luck would have it, an empty trolley car was passing by, stopped to help the stranded crew and delivered them to the beach in moments.  How does an empty trolley car (mind you, it's summer in Kennebunkport!) just happen to be driving by moments after their car broke down???  Personally, I think the lucky penny Andrea found that morning had something to do with it. ;)  Congratulations to you both!!!

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