Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Day at the New England Aquarium

Last weekend we managed to slip in a free weekend to our hectic schedule and enjoy a little excursion as a family. We were excited to not only get some free time to play, but, we also worked in an opportunity to see our cousin, Shamus. He'll be graduating MIT next Spring and I'm ashamed to say this is the first time we've headed into Boston since he's been at school. Better late than never, though!

His fraternity had a party the night before, so, I'm quite certain he was eager to be awakened at 9am to spend a few hours walking around the New England Aquarium! Our children could hardly contain their excitement at just the thought of spending time with their cousin - let alone, that they were going to the Aquarium!! Shamus was a good sport about his role that day as tour guide, hand-holder and human jungle gym.

We captured a few images during our visit, but, mostly we just enjoyed having time to play with our kids and spend some time with Shamus. Thanks for being such a good sport, Shamus!! :)

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Unknown said...

Great photos and commentary Beth and Tige!