Sunday, July 27, 2008

Claire & Tim

Saturday, July 26th celebrated the wedding of Claire & Tim in Portsmouth, NH. After a full week of heavy downpours and severe storms it was truly a welcome sight to see bright blue skies and warm sun in honor of this wonderful couple's big day! Claire and Tim, their family and friends were so much fun to work with. By the end of the evening, I think we were having as much fun as everyone there! :)

I arrived at Claire's mom's home to a very quiet bustle of energy making last minute preparations. Claire was busily trying to ward off any signs of sleep-deprivation with ice packs, cucumbers and some eye gel (although, honestly, she looked beautiful and rested to me!). Once the flowers arrived, it was quick work for Claire, her mom and matron of honor to get make-up applied and dressed for the wedding.

Tige spent his time with Tim who was already dressed and ready to get to the church. After a few family photos, Tige captured a couple shots of Tim with his best man (and brother) before Claire was due to arrive. Then, there was much anticipation for the ceremony to begin!

Claire had a little difficulty catching her breath with the excitement of walking down the aisle; but, after a few sips of orange juice she and her mom processed into the church where Tim was anxiously waiting to see his bride. The ceremony was very simple and sweet.

We photographed some family photos at the church, then made our way to the grounds of the Portsmouth Country Club for a few shots of Claire and Tim sharing some time together.

Once the reception was underway, there was barely any room on the dance floor! Thank you so much Claire and Tim for sharing your day with us! We hope there are many more adventures for you on the road ahead. I'm very curious to know more about the 3 a.m. bridge-jumping expedition... then again, maybe the less I know, the better. :) Congratulations, you two!!

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Samantha Warren Weddings said...

What a beautiful day... especially love the ceremony shots. Hope to see you soon!