Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Ladies of Kidz 'n Maine

It was a HUGE treat for us to be able to photograph all the wonderful Moms behind the Kidz 'n Maine newspaper this morning! I was a little nervous on Friday when the forecast called for rain and fog - but, the weather gods were shining on us today!! What a wonderful group of women and their children were absolutely adorable!!

We spent some time capturing this group photo and then each mom with her children separately. These kids were amazingly patient and somehow they managed to stay clean until all the pictures were done. Trust me, that's no easy accomplishment when you're surrounded by lots of lovely diggable dirt and loose rocks! Of course, the moment the cameras were off - the real fun began!! The kids hit the playground at Fort Williams fueled with bagels and donuts and barely stopped to chew and swallow. It was the perfect day to relax and have fun - and take a few photos, too!

Check out next month's issue of Kidz 'n Maine to see more of the photos we captured today. We hope you have a very happy Mother's Day, ladies! :)


Pat and Grace said...

Bethany and Tige, thank you so much!! The pictures you took were BEAUTIFUL and you are both so wonderful with the kids. We are so excited to include these pictures this month!

Jennann270 said...

What a lovely morning. Thank you Bethany and Tige! You were patient and so friendly! Hope to see you soon.

Jennifer, Keji and Breton