Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome to our Blog!

After much encouragement from our fellow photographers and clients, we've created a forum to keep everyone informed on our latest goings-on! 2008 is gearing up to be a very busy and exciting year for us.

We're currently looking to photograph some kids in Maine enjoying lots of fun in the outdoors! Over the past several months we've had the distinct honor of providing several of our children's portrait images for publication in the Kidz 'n ME newspaper. We're now offering free mini-photo sessions to 2 families per month through June. These images will be used for promotional purposes on our website and in publication. Contact us today for more details!

In the coming weeks we'll be updating some of our portrait images and offering promotions for our photo packages. Check back soon for more information!

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Samantha Warren Weddings said...

Yeah!!! I am so happy you have entered the blogosphere! Lovely to see you today!